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Water...water...water...The most important job of all.

The heat is upon us and proper watering has become even more important. Here at Kopke's we check each plant by hand to make sure it has the proper amount of moisture without drowning the roots. It takes a little longer, but the results are terrific! In the morning, make sure to feel the weight of the basket or pot. If it's heavy, it doesn't need as much water. If it's light, then soak it until water runs out the bottom holes. Now, don't water it again until it feels about as light as it did when it was pretty dry. Once you have a good gauge of the difference between a well-watered basket or container and one that needs some help, you'll have a great way to gauge when your bloomers need a drink! We've learned there's no good way to keep a watering "schedule". Rather give the plants what they need when they need it. When in doubt, stick your finger in the soil. With few exceptions, if your finger comes out completely dry, they need a drink!

What do you need?

An Amazing Experience!

It's about more than just plants...
at least that's what we think.

We could spend a lot of time extolling the virtues of having an astounding variety of annual and perennial bedding plants, flowering and vegetable containers, countless hanging baskets and planters, and our super-knowledgeable staff that can hang with the plant geek, the excited enthusiast, or the overwhelmed newbie. But that's just bragging. We love this stuff and we'd like you to love it too. "Quality bloomers at reasonable prices," is just the beginning.

Satisfying Success!

'Gardening' sounds like hard, tricky work... scary even.

Some of us have backyards with plenty of room for rows of vegetables and wonderful flower beds, and some of us live in tiny apartments with barely enough room for a few potted plants on the floor by the window.
In either extreme or somewhere in the middle, you should feel like the time you spend beautifying your life will give you great results no matter what the color of your thumb is. We've got a few ideas for you too...

Healthy, Happy Living!

It's not just a luxury. It's something we know we need.

Know what? It's not just marketing nonsense. Look at this gigantic list of sources on the subject!

So maybe it's just about a making a meal from a few fresh herbs and veggies you grew in the garden or on the back porch. Or maybe it's about sitting on the patio with the smells of a beautiful, flowering container or two.

We can help you get started this spring.

Stay "Fonzie" out there...

Fonzie stayed "cool", and you should too! Don't forget to drink enough water as you're out there in the hot sun! ...use sun screen too!